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RALLYE DE CHILLIWACK September 10th 2016

Our premier event, the Rallye de Chilliwack is an ultra-low budget, 1 day lightly competitive rallye along the backroads of the Fraser Valley (pavement only). Please click on the event decals for results and photos. Rules, entry classes, and other details are also listed below.

The 2016 RdeC will be held on September 10th 2015 starting at 9am (time to be confirmed), and is open to any European car manufactured on or before 1989 (newer cars can participate but not compete for the win). Besides basking in the glow of victory, the winning team will also have their car depicted on the following year’s rallye sticker!

The entry fee is $25.00 CDN per car (payable through Paypal. Please contact us for details). If your classic isn't currently running, or you are between classics, you can still participate in 'X-Class', which has developed its own little competition.

Please visit the Rallye de Chilliwack page for more details