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Our premier event, the Rallye de Chilliwack is an ultra-low budget, 1 day lightly competitive rallye along the backroads of the Fraser Valley (pavement only). Please click on the event decals for results and photos. Rules, entry classes, and other details are also listed below.

The rallye is held in September, and is open to any European car manufactured on or before 1989 (newer cars can participate but not compete for the win). Besides basking in the glow of victory, the winning team will also have their car depicted on the following year’s rallye sticker!

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        The inspiration for the Rallye de Chilliwack comes from the golden years of amateur European road rallies during the 1950s. The event challenges the navigation, observation, and driving skills of each team, as well as the endurance and reliability of each team's automobile. It is a competitive event, but carried out in the spirit of fun, camaraderie, and the joy of driving in our beautiful Province.

       All registered teams will meet towards Chilliwack on the day of the event where we will have a drivers meeting and odometer calibrations. Specific details will be provided to registered entries. Each team will then be given identical maps with approximate locations of specific Photo Check Points (PCP) as well as several photos. Each team will then be tasked with locating every PCP based on the map and photos, and taking a photo of one team member at each the PCP. The team who navigates the shortest route (lowest miles), through all PCPs without being late at the final destination, wins the Rallye.

        Please note that this is NOT a speed contest. Teams noted for dangerous or irresponsible driving will be instantly disqualified. There are no bonus points for arriving at the final destination early, while the time given to navigate the entire Rallye will be more than ample, so there is no excuse or reason to speed or drive aggressively, even if a team becomes lost en route.

       Teams are NOT to use their own maps, GPS system, or any other electronic aids. Cell phones are ONLY to be used in case of emergency and in accordance with the law. Whereas driving a modern car is akin to sitting on one's sofa with a remote, the challenge of this event is the driving of 20, 30, 40 and even 50 year old cars with limited power, creature comforts, electronics, and (often) reliability. This Rallye is about teamwork and classic motoring without computers.

        To qualify, each team MUST have a driver and a navigator*, a CECC approved vehicle* with a working odometer, a valid drivers license, proof of valid auto insurance, permission from the CECC executive to participate, and a digital camera.

        The entry fee will be $25 per team to participate. This goes towards maps, stickers, and other costs. The exact total will be made public closer to the event once all details have been worked out. In the interests of competitiveness, most CECC driving events divide our cars into four classes. Each team may vie to be top in class as well as top overall. The classes are:

I - vehicles built before 31/12/1979

II - vehicles built between 01/01/1980 and 31/12/1989

III - vehicles built before 31/12/1989 with modifications (see below)

X - vehicles built after 01/01/90 – Exhibition Category

        Class I-II are purely stock vehicles that are allowed the following period correct safety and drivability upgrades only: lighting, brakes (pads,disks,calipers), suspension (shocks/springs/sway bars), and 'bolt on' motor components (manifold/exhaust, carburetor, air filter, performance chip). Wheels are allowed up to +/-2” diameter size from stock. Reasonable allowances will be made for period and model correct alterations that keep the spirit of a stock vehicle. For example, replacing a blown motor in a 1972 BMW 2002 with a good motor from a 1974 BMW 2002.

Any automobile with modifications beyond those allowed for Category I-II will fall into Category III. These include internal engine upgrades, non-factory Turbo and Supercharging, non-original/period engines, non-period correct braking system, and so on.

Any vehicle built on or after 01/01/90 will be limited to the X – Exhibition Category, and may participate but not compete. The exception to this rule being automobiles built on or after 01/01/90, but began series production prior to this date. For example a stock 1991 BMW e30 318i was built after 01/01/90, but as the e30 model had begun production in 1984, the 318i would be placed in Category III (1301cc to 2000cc), and not category X.

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